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Amy Schumer and Philosophy, CFA

Posted on | December 11, 2016

Amy Schumer and Philosophy, CFA

Amy Schumer’s television show, “Inside Amy Schumer” has completed its fourth season on Comedy Central and is renewed for a fifth. She wrote and starred in the movie, Trainwreck (2015), which was nominated for two Golden Globes as well as the award for Best Screenplay by the Writers’ Guild of America. She has completed filming her role in Thank You For Your Service (2017). Her autobiographical book, The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo, was released in August, 2016. Through her comedy, Amy Schumer either touches on or explicitly examines philosophical issues.

Chapters will be 3000-3500 words, written in a style appropriate to an intelligent lay audience (no unexplained philosophical jargon, assumed knowledge of philosophical concepts, or extensive referencing), and will frequently refer to Amy Schumer’s contributions to film, television and literature. Please submit a 250-500 word abstract, written in the style appropriate to a philosophy and popular culture text.

Edited by Charlene Elsby and Rob Luzecky. Email submissions to: amyschumerandphilosophy@gmail.com

Deadline for abstract submissions: March 1, 2017

Notifications of acceptance sent: March 15, 2017

Deadline for chapters: July 15, 2017

Suggested Topics (other topics welcome):

Owning the Past: Why it’s better to accept and love your past selves
Honesty and Hilarity: Why is it hilarious to tell some truths?
Why a woman is a “sex comic” while a male comic is “a thinker”
Rationality and Actuality: Why we don’t believe what we know to be true (the trouble with women’s magazines)
“We’re all walking hypocrites”: How it’s possible to hold contradictory beliefs
My favorite female comedian: Does the modifier “female” imply that a “female” is not “a comedian”?
Dangerous words: Is it OK to say “cunt” and “pussy”?
What will Amy Schumer mean for our gender for years to come!??!??
The gun control debate: why anyone can have an opinion on whether it’s OK to shoot six year olds
“Grape”: Is there such a thing as “gray-area rape”? (Consent and rape-culture in contemporary America)
“Strong” women (and domestic abuse)
Is it OK for women to have sex? (But is it?)
Beauty and self-worth: Getting over existing for the other
“Have fun!”, “Be yourself!”, “Stop eating food!”
Comedy and Politics: Why comedians make the best political commentators
Truth in Comedy: Is Comedy the solution to fake news?


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