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Pokémon and Philosophy, Call for Abstracts

Posted on | February 2, 2021

Call for Abstracts

Pokémon and Philosophy – Edited by Nicolas Michaud

Published by Carus Books

Please circulate and post widely. Apologies for Cross-posting.

Abstracts and subsequent essays must be accessible to a lay audience as well as philosophically substantial. All writing should be engaging and directly relevant to Pokémon and its many incarnations including cartoons, video games, and Pokémon Go. The chapters must be pointed and direct, engaging philosophical tools and theories to explore the world of Pokémon or to use the series to help explore or solve important philosophical problems.

***The 10 to 12-paged papers are written in a conversational style***

Submission Guidelines:

Submission deadline for abstracts (100-500 words) and CV’s: March 1st, 2021
Notification of accepted abstracts: March 7th, 2021
Submission deadline for first drafts of accepted papers:  June 30th, 2021
Kindly submit abstract (with or without Word attachment) and CV by email to: Nicolas Michaud (philosophylives@gmail.com).

Possible topics Areas of interest include but are not limited to…

Metaphysics:  Ex. How does one understand “reality” in the world of “augmented reality” ushered in by Pokémon Go?

Epistemology: Ex. How does one know one is an original and not a clone?

Ethics: Ex. Is capturing and using Pokémon to battle ethical?

Logic: Ex. How might the many worlds of Pokémon be understood through possible worlds semantics?

Applied Philosophy: Ex. What lesson can we learn from Pokémon?

Carus Books is now taking over the publishing mission of Open Court Publishing Company. To propose ideas for future volumes, please contact David R. Steele, at dramsaysteele@gmail.com

Thank you!


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