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Leonard Cohen and Philosophy

The Leonard Cohen site One Heck of a Guy has an interview with Jason Holt and more information about Leonard Cohen than I’ve ever seen in one place.

Monty Python Reunion

CNN called Bloomsburg University today to interview Gary Hardcastle, editor of Monty Python and Philosophy for their story about the upcoming Monty Python Reunion. Lecturing at the time about the Tarski-Chapman conjecture (regarding the status of unbound variables) Hardcastle was unavailable to take the call. In the meantime, however, CNN had located a man in […]

John Huss: on Planet of the Apes and Philosophy

Watch out Snooki. John Huss and his new edition are rocketing to the top of pop culture faster than you can say, “is that the statue of liberty?…”  Or, “hey that’s a great review in PopMatters!” Here: And Here, on the Ray Horner show:

SpongeBob is bigger than …

SpongeBob SquarePants and Philosophy editor Joe Foy makes a splash in this UK feature on the Sponge.  The Sponge that has absorbed so much, he’s bigger than Jesus, global warming, and Boy George, combined. http://www.bigissue.com/features/1789/12bn-sponge

Chuck Klosterman Meet Karl Marx

Chuck Klosterman and Seth Vannatta, editor of Chuck Klosterman and Philosophy: The Real and the Cereal, discuss all things from jealous academics, the unpredictability of audiences, and Plato’s Ion as Homer’s ‘cover band’ in a recent radio interview.  While Klosterman is still getting used to treatment by philosophers who take any sentence he may have […]

This book wants to friend you

As Facebook and Philosophy hits store bookshelves this week, editor Dylan Wittkower analyzes the fluff and the substance in The Social Network on the Wall Street Journal‘s speakeasy blog.

Ever more grateful to The Dead

Steve Gimbel, philosopher of physics and arguably the smartest Deadhead ever, was recently quoted in The Atlantic magazine regarding the new Grateful Dead archive at UC Santa Cruz.  And his edition, The Grateful Dead and Philosophy, is among the best reads in Dead scholarship (which has never been more alive!) Check out his blog, Philosophers’ […]

World of Warcraft and Philosophy

World of Warcraft and Philosophy editors Luke Cuddy and John Nordlinger discuss tactics, strategy, and philosophy.  Here and here.

PCP meets NPR

Bullshit and Philosophy co-editor Gary Hardcastle and South Park and Philosophy editor Richard Hanley together call bullshit! and shenanigans! on our ever-dumber and more trivial culture in this recent NPR story.  It must be going around, since I wrote about the same things recently for Pop Goes Philosophy at popmatters.com.


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