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Leonard Cohen and Philosophy

The Leonard Cohen site One Heck of a Guy has an interview with Jason Holt and more information about Leonard Cohen than I’ve ever seen in one place.

Breaking Bad Breaking Good

  Scott Koepsell and Robert Arp’s edition of Breaking Bad and Philosophy is now out.  Inside Higher Ed’s Scott McLemee finds much to agree with, especially Ray Bossert’s chapter “Macbeth on Ice.”  Bossert’s account of Walter White’s dark magnetism is “exactly right,” McLemee says. And now there’s an interview on TrashIcons.  Philly.com has nothing but brotherly love […]

Astro Boy Meets Martin Heidegger

Joe Steiff and Tristan Tamplin’s Anime and Philosophy: Wide Eyed Wonder gets an appreciative review in Mechademia, a journal devoted to the intersection of scholarly and popular interests in Anime. Despite the proliferation of all things Anime, Ada Palmer finds the collection to be a perfect and unique introduction for the aspiring intellectual fan. My favorite […]

DALEKMANIA in the U.K., Redux

Move over Sarah Palin.  British philosopher Robin Bunce, writing in Doctor Who and Philosophy, has found a new source of abject evil and abhorrence in the universe:  The Daleks. Bunce’s theory that the Daleks’ evil strikes us a little too close to home is being discussed from high table to low tabloids and everywhere in […]

Rush’s Research Programme

I’m just perusing Robert Freedman’s Rushvault blog (including a very nice review of some guy’s contribution to Rush and Philosophy) and who should I see but. . .   No, not Ayn Rand: Imre Lakatos, the hungarian philosopher of science and one-time bete noire of Thomas (“mob rule!”) Kuhn.  On the Ph.D. Dissertation page, Freedman’s […]

Philosophy and the Case of the Real Thing, Again

The Journal for the Study of Religions and Ideologies is enthusing about Joe Steiff’s edition of Sherlock Holmes and Philosophy. In fact, the book should be part of the Conan Doyle canon itself.  The book resembles Conan Doyle’s writings in composition, structure, style, form, wit and humor. …  The greatest contribution of Josef Steiff’s book is that […]

SpongeBob Appointed to Institute for Advance Study

Not really, but the volume of philosophical essays he inspired is getting some good press.  The Wisconsin Journal Sentinel loves it, and expects it will be this year’s stocking stuffer.

Doctor Who inducted into Who’s Who of PCP books

Open Court’s recent Doctor Who and Philosophy: Bigger on the Inside is praised by the Guardian’s Ian Sansom as “just published but already indespensable” for tackling this epic show’s big questions.  Editor Court Lewis was at the recent  Gallifrey One conference giving autographs and fending off daleks, while contributors Ed Webb and Mark Wardecker discussed […]

Soccer and Philosophy Scores (and Again . . .)

Ted Richards’s volume, Soccer and Philosophy: Beautiful Thoughts on the Beautiful Game is out and bending it like Bentham–at least among the nation’s utilitarians. Both the New York Times and the Washington Post have taken note.  And the Wall Street Journal is jumping all over the stadium in praise of Ted Richards’ team. “There is […]

Ever more grateful to The Dead

Steve Gimbel, philosopher of physics and arguably the smartest Deadhead ever, was recently quoted in The Atlantic magazine regarding the new Grateful Dead archive at UC Santa Cruz.  And his edition, The Grateful Dead and Philosophy, is among the best reads in Dead scholarship (which has never been more alive!) Check out his blog, Philosophers’ […]

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