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Louis CK and Philosophy, Call For Abstracts

Posted on | December 31, 2014

Louis CK And Philosophy
Mark Ralkowski, editor

“Over the course of the past year or so, Louis C.K. has made a remarkable evolution from being merely one of our most beloved and respected artists—a man his colleagues and peers talk about with hushed awe and total reverence—to being something of a contemporary folk hero—a balding, ginger, slightly overweight standup comedy Robin Hood speaking truth to power and reclaiming the means of distribution from the nefarious likes of Ticketmaster.”–Nathan Rabin, on the growing appeal of Louis C.K.

Abstracts are sought for a collection of philosophical essays related to Louis CK. This volume will focus equally on the increasingly popular FX network series Louie, Louis CK’s stand-up comedy specials (such as Shameless, Chewed Up, Hilarious, Live at the Beacon Theater, and Oh My God), notable interviews, and anything else Louis CK has said or written that is worthy of philosophical consideration. Open Court Publishing will publish this volume as part of their successful Popular Culture and Philosophy series in 2015.

Contributors are welcome to submit abstracts on any topic of philosophical interest that pertains to Louis CK. The editor is especially interested in receiving submissions that engage philosophical issues in Louis CK’s comedy and writing in creative and non-standard ways.

See LCK-Topics and Quotations (pdf) for a list of topics and quotations that may be helpful for brainstorming.

Contribution guidelines:
1. Abstract of chapter (100-300 words)
2. Resume/CV for each author/coauthor of the chapter
3. Submission deadline for abstracts: January 23, 2015
4. Email submissions to the editor at louisck.philosophy@gmail.com

If the editor invites you to be a contributor to the book, the first draft of your chapter will be due April 1, 2015. Final drafts will be expected by May 1, 2015.


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