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Chuck Klosterman Meet Karl Marx

Posted on | May 7, 2012

Chuck Klosterman and Seth Vannatta, editor of Chuck Klosterman and Philosophy: The Real and the Cereal, discuss all things from jealous academics, the unpredictability of audiences, and Plato’s Ion as Homer’s ‘cover band’ in a recent radio interview.  While Klosterman is still getting used to treatment by philosophers who take any sentence he may have written a little too seriously, there’s no doubt that Klosterman is a philosopher (or, better, a sociologist of knowledge) at heart.  He’s fascinated, he explains, by the way that certain ideas that keep recurring in human culture and human experience: “To me the most valuble ideas are the ones that people keep coming up with on their own and then later realize there is a sort of a hard antecedent to it,” that some other person, like a philosopher, had seized the idea in question as a basis for their philosophy.  It’s almost as if, as Klosterman put it, “the natural experience of living pushes us to those things.” Klosterman is no exception. His next book, I suggest, should be Mötley Crüe and the Relations of Production.

The interview is here, at WZBT, Gettysburg College.



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