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Scott Adams and Philosophy, Deadline extended.

Scott Adams and Philosophy Edited by Dan Yim, Galen Foresman, and Robert Arp Submit abstracts to: scottadamsphilosophy@gmail.com “My hypothesis is that the political side that is out of power is the one that hallucinates the most—and needs to—in order to keep their worldview intact. For example, when President Obama was in office, I saw all kinds of hallucinations […]

The Twilight Zone and Philosophy, Call for Abstracts

The Twilight Zone and Philosophy Editors: Alexander E. Hooke and Heather Rivera Of the many venues in popular culture and philosophy, few present such a wide range of perplexities about human nature as The Twilight Zone. Its programs depict the human as idealist, pathetic, loyal, alienated, trusting, self-deluded, trusting, violated, among so many other attributes. […]


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