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I Think, Therefore I Fan

A new podcast by Richard Greene and Rachel Robison Green: https://ithinkthereforeifan.com

Monty Python Reunion

CNN called Bloomsburg University today to interview Gary Hardcastle, editor of Monty Python and Philosophy for their story about the upcoming Monty Python Reunion. Lecturing at the time about the Tarski-Chapman conjecture (regarding the status of unbound variables) Hardcastle was unavailable to take the call. In the meantime, however, CNN had located a man in […]

Breaking Bad Breaking Good

  Scott Koepsell and Robert Arp’s edition of Breaking Bad and Philosophy is now out.  Inside Higher Ed’s Scott McLemee finds much to agree with, especially Ray Bossert’s chapter “Macbeth on Ice.”  Bossert’s account of Walter White’s dark magnetism is “exactly right,” McLemee says. And now there’s an interview on TrashIcons.  Philly.com has nothing but brotherly love […]

John Huss: on Planet of the Apes and Philosophy

Watch out Snooki. John Huss and his new edition are rocketing to the top of pop culture faster than you can say, “is that the statue of liberty?…”  Or, “hey that’s a great review in PopMatters!” Here: And Here, on the Ray Horner show:

SpongeBob is bigger than …

SpongeBob SquarePants and Philosophy editor Joe Foy makes a splash in this UK feature on the Sponge.  The Sponge that has absorbed so much, he’s bigger than Jesus, global warming, and Boy George, combined. http://www.bigissue.com/features/1789/12bn-sponge

Rush’s Research Programme

I’m just perusing Robert Freedman’s Rushvault blog (including a very nice review of some guy’s contribution to Rush and Philosophy) and who should I see but. . .   No, not Ayn Rand: Imre Lakatos, the hungarian philosopher of science and one-time bete noire of Thomas (“mob rule!”) Kuhn.  On the Ph.D. Dissertation page, Freedman’s […]

Inception and Philosophy is out

Thorsten Botz-Bornstein’s edition Inception and Philosophy: Ideas to Die For is out and available for ebook purchase.  Unless I’m dreaming, it looks like there’s even a video for the book.

Bullshit & Philosophy translated into Chinese

Chongquing University Press has just released their Chinese translation of Bullshit and Philosophy: Guaranteed to Get Perfect Results Every Time. I am especially impressed with their cover artwork, reminiscent of Mao’s little red (and white) book.

The Apple Aura

Popular Culture and Philosophy editor Dylan Wittkower (iPod and Philosophy) writes in the Wall Street Journal about this summer’s new iPods presented by Steve Jobs this week.  Apple iPods, he argues, have an “aura” that makes them “the real deal.”  No matter how much others try copy the look and feel of these products, they […]

New Soccer and Philosophy Site

Soccer and football fans already lining up for the rematch of Open Court’s Soccer and Philosophy have a new place to deliberate, ponder, and debate whether Marx really deserved that yellow card for elbowing Confucius’s (so-called) free will!: http://soccerandphilosophy.wordpress.com/

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